Tomato Can Blues, An Innovative “Pop Up” Motion Comic For The New York Times


Tomato Can Blues by Mich Gladwin and Attila Futaki is a short story, illustrated in a comic book panel style, with what appears to be a new motion feature.

As the reader moves up and down the page, the perspective of the panel appears to change, the foreground gets pushed away, or shifts from one side to the other. It reminds me of  a pop up book, the movement here being dependent on you scrolling the page, just as the pop up depends on your turning the page.

It is an interesting tool being used in webcomics these days, where one uses the web browser itself to generate the limited animation on the panel, rather than any kind of app.  The reader is still in control of the movement.  Thanks to the New York Times it has received a larger exposure and made its way into main stream news.


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